Kathlyn Stephenson Gooden, MPH, BSc, NDTR

Good Step Wellness is a nutrition counseling service offered by Kathlyn Stephenson Gooden, BSc., NDTR. Kathlyn is a Nutrition Dietary Technician Registered (NDTR) certified by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA. She holds a Masters degree in public health, and a BSc in Nutrition, along with a Level 2 Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management. Kathlyn has over 10 years experience in offering weight management services to individuals and groups.

Good Step is founded on evidence-based dietary recommendations to promote healthy weight management and maintenance. We use behavior change techniques for lifestyle adjustment to create an environment conducive to weight management.

“The Mission of Good Step Wellness is to provide a practical approach to better health through proper nutrition and weight management, targeting behavior change to improve lifestyle and help you enjoy the journey to a healthier you.” 

– Kathlyn Gooden, Founder

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Service Details

7 Day Meal Plan
$160 BBD ($80 USD)
SUMMER SPECIAL!!! $100 BBD ($50 USD) Valid until August 31st
  • Personalized meal plan created based on your food diary and food preferences
    guided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommendations
  • For weight loss – Calorie restriction varies depending on client assessment
  • Weekend options included
  • Shopping list and recipes optional
  • Includes a meal plan, a 45-minute intake session, 30-minute delivery session, and 30-minute follow-up session.
12-week Behaviour Change Programme
$350 BBD ($175 USD)
SUMMER SPECIAL!!! $250BBD ($125 USD) Valid until August 31st
  • Personalized meal plan
  • Personalized behaviour change strategies for weight management
  • 90-minute Intake session plus 5 60-minute nutrition counselling sessions
  • Food diary analysis
  • Meal planning guidance
  • 3-part survey to determine dietary, physical and emotional behaviours affecting weight management
  • Calorie estimating and portion control
  • Food label interpretation
Dietary Habits Analysis
$60 BBD ($30 USD)
SUMMER SPECIAL!!! $40BBD ($20 USD) Valid until August 31st
  • 50-item questionnaire with real time results to determine problem areas
  • Goal-setting and action planning based on results
    (1 hour)
  • One 20-minute follow up session to discuss progress
Food Diary Analysis (How is my eating?)
$80 BBD ($40 USD)

Before the session:
-3-day food diary submitted online
-Short food preference questionnaire

During the session
-Results summary: Calorie intake range, Protein and carbohydrate intake, Vitamin and mineral intake
-Analysis of intake schedule (timing of meals and snacks)
-Discussion and recommendations given where necessary (1 hour session)

30-minute online sessions
$30 BBD ($15 USD)
  • General consultation
  • Specific topic discussion, such as: eating for certain life-stages or diseases, portion control, calorie needs, food label interpretation, etc.
  • Additional follow-up session can be added to any of the services if desired by client. 
Meal Planning Guidance Coming soon!
$80 BBD ($40 USD)
  • Personalized guidance on planning meals
  • Based on calorie requirements and personal meal preference
  • 3-day menu created with nutritionist-guided instruction (90-minute session)